Trendy Effects or Timeless Wedding Pictures?

With so many edgy effects, trends and styles from which to choose in wedding photography today, deciding just what you want in your wedding pictures can be difficult, especially if photography is not your best subject. An important point to consider when weighing your options is that you will have those pictures a long time, well after many of those trendy looks have gone by the wayside.

Trends come and go in photography just as regularly as they do in the fashion world. What appears edgy, modern and attractive today might look dated and downright silly in twenty years. Remember the textured portraits that were all the rage or that soft focus trend? Probably not. Nobody does except those unfortunate people who have portraits done in these styles safely hidden away in the attic.

How many of us cringe when we look back at photos of ourselves from high school or college, decked out in clothes or hair styles that were the must haves of the day. Well, the same thing can happen with your wedding pictures if you don’t take a minute to seriously consider how those trendy new effects will look in twenty years.

On the other hand, simple, straightforward wedding photography is timeless. Much like classic clothing styles, they will look as good in twenty years as they do today. There will be no fear of the children or grandchildren asking why your hair is florescent or your skin is that sickly tone of green. Nor will you find yourself shaking your head and wondering what in the world you were thinking when you had those photos done.

So, if you decide to go with one or several of those trendy effects, like sepia, toning, color selecting or vignetting, you might not want to have your entire wedding album treated that way. Unless you really love the look and are sure you will think just as much of it in 20 years, you might be wise to leave a good selection of those wedding memories just as your wedding photographer saw them as he composed his shot. Hedging your bets may leave you with some wedding pictures you will still enjoy if your love of those effects fades over the long haul.